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Searching for a different way to maximize Windows 10’s Gaming Mode performance?

One of the essential Windows settings for gaming is Game Mode. When you’ve Game Mode turned on, your Windows settings are modified in a way that improves your Windows 10 performance. In a word, it manages your system resources to provide you with the greatest Computer performance possible. This is how:

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  1. To open Windows Settings, press Windows key + I.
  2. Enter “game mode” into the search bar.
  3. Choose Turn on Game Mode or Game Mode options.
  4. Click Game Mode on the Gaming Mode screen.
  5. Use the Game Mode by turning it on.

Resources will be handled to provide the best frame rate if your System supports game mode. Also stopped will be Windows Update.

Game Mode on Windows 10 is not flawless, despite the fact that it is one method for enhancing gaming performance. To learn about some further Windows 10 Gaming Mode changes, continue reading.

2. Improve Online Game Performance: Disable Nagle’s Algorithm

In essence, the speedier internet connection is sacrificed in Nagle’s strategy to bundle data packets. Nagle’s approach is useful, but enabling it on your computer might lead to latency issues when playing online games.


In order to disable this and improve Windows 10 Gaming Mode speed, first check your IP address:

  1. Hit X while also pressing Windows.
  2. Choose Windows PowerShell.
  3. After entering “Ipconfig,” press Enter.
  4. Do a search for “IPv4 address” to get your computer’s IP address.

The Windows Registry has to be modified now that the IP address has been determined. But, use great caution before making any changes to the Registry as things might soon get out of hand. How? Continue reading.

In the Start menu search box, type “Regedit,” and then pick the best result.

choosing Registry Editor When tinkering with the Windows Registry, proceed with caution.

The following path is copied and pasted into the address bar:

Interfaces: HKEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTcpipParameters

On the left-hand pane, you’ll see a number of folders with filenames made up of letters and numbers. To access the correct file, compare your IP address to the one shown next to the DhcpIPAddress in one of these folders.

When you locate the corresponding folder:

  1. Give the folder a right-click.
  2. Value of DWORD (32-bit) under New
  3. Give it the name TcpAckFrequency.
  4. Click OK
  5. choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value once again.
  6. It should be called TCPNoDelay.
  7. Each’s settings should be double-clicked and set to 1.

Now I’m done. By implementing this, Nagle’s Algorithm may be disabled. If you run into any problems, disable the parameters by setting their values back to 0.

3. Optimize Windows 10 Online Gaming With Faster DNS

Network traffic might be an issue if you’re using a remote server or playing online multiplayer games on Windows 10.

Although upgrading to faster internet might be beneficial, it is easier and less expensive to just make some networking adjustments Gaming Mode.

  1. To launch the Settings app, press Windows + I.
  2. Choose Change Adapter Settings under Network and Internet.
  3. Choose “right-click” on your wireless network.
  4. Select Properties.
  5. In particular, mention Internet Protocol 4.
  6. The two DNS entries should be written down for future use.
  7. Substitute and in their place.
  8. Choose Close after clicking OK.
  9. Restart your primary web browser.

Your internet should be operating more quickly now, which will benefit online gaming.

4. Disable Automatic Updates for the Best Gaming PC Settings

Without your consent, Windows 10 will schedule a restart and automatically upgrade your operating system. You never want to be caught off guard and risk losing your game save, even if this function doesn’t trigger frequently.

Automatic updates have the potential to restart Windows suddenly, and downloading updates in the background can reduce your network connectivity.

Automatic restart cannot be stopped, although it can be postponed. To lessen the possibility that Windows Update downloads will interfere with your Gaming Mode experience:

  1. Using the Windows key and I, open Settings.
  2. Choose Windows Update under Update and Security.
  3. then click Update Options after looking for Advanced options.
  4. Disable When a restart is necessary to apply an update, restart this device as soon as you can.
  5. Enable Display a notice (Windows will provide enough notice before restarting the machine after an update.)
  6. To postpone the installation of updates for up to 7 days, utilize the Pause updates feature.

Windows Updates won’t download and install when Windows 10 is in use if you indicate when you’ll be using it.

5. Disable Notifications in Windows 10

With Windows 10’s Focus Assist function, you can control how and when you get alerts.

Notifications frequently come with pop-up windows and bells, but they can ruin gaming sessions. You may control how much concentration you put into your task with the aid of Focus Assist. The instructions listed below will help you use Focus Assist to enhance your Windows Gaming Mode:

  1. For Settings to open, press Windows + I.
  2. Choose Focus Assist under System.
  3. To hide all other alerts, choose Alarms Only.
  4. Ensure While I’m playing game is set to On.

I’m done now. By doing this, alerts will have less of an impact and be available for later inspection.

6. Prevent Steam Auto-Updating Gaming Mode

You most likely purchase and install games using Steam if you use Windows to play video games.

The update option in Steam is one of the biggest irritants. You are unable to stop automatic updates in any of your games because of this. Upgrading games you don’t play or constricting your network access with background updates might use up RAM.

To stop Steam from automatically updating Gaming Mode:

  1. Get the Steam client going.
  2. Go to Settings > Downloads in Steam.
  3. Accept downloads while playing is unchecked.

Moreover, you may stop Steam from receiving updates for games that are mainly unused:

  1. Start Steam Library.
  2. Right-click a game that is installed but isn’t being utilized.
  3. Select Properties then Updates.
  4. Change the Automatic Updates section. Always stay current with this game; I just update it when I start it.
  5. Make sure Background Downloads are set to Halt downloads while I’m playing Gaming Mode.

Steam will be properly optimized once Windows 10 is put to use for AAA games.

7. Tweak Windows 10 Visual Effects for Game Improvements

Processing power might be hampered by the graphical user interface (GUI) on your computer. Your Windows 10 appearance settings are set to dazzle by default.

A flashy GUI running in the background might interfere with games that are open in the foreground. To make Windows 10 as efficient as possible for Gaming Mode, modify these settings.

  1. Use Windows key + I to access Settings.
  2. Change the look and performance of Windows after typing “performance”.
  3. Choose Adjust for optimal performance in the options box.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. In the Advanced tab, click.
  6. Make sure that Programs is selected under Adjust for optimal performance.
  7. Reapply, and once you’re done, click OK to confirm.

8. Tweak Your Mouse Settings for Windows 10 Gaming Mode

Could Windows 10 gaming performance be impacted by your mouse? Optimizing your mouse settings is a good way to find out. The performance of your mouse in games can be affected by a function called pointer precision, commonly known as mouse acceleration; disabling it can improve Gaming Mode in Windows 10. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Choose Mouse under Devices.
  3. Have a look at the Pointer Options tab.
  4. Remove the check from the Increase pointer precision box.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. To depart, click OK. You may also change the pointer’s speed to your liking.

Your mouse was almost probably slowing down the game if it has improved.

9. Max Power Plan to Improve Windows 10 Gaming Mode Performance

Due to their allegedly little impact, power alternatives are frequently disregarded. While some gamers think altering their Computer power settings to get greater performance is effective, others claim they don’t see any change.

Testing it out on your PC is the only way to be certain. To modify your power options:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click Power & sleep settings > Other power options after typing “power”.
  3. Choose the high-performance alternative Gaming Mode.
  4. If none are offered, use To set up a brand-new, personalized power plan, create a power plan.

The performance of your Computer will improve with this choice, but at the expense of increased energy use and temperature. Because of this, desktop computers should be used to enable this Windows 10 optimization rather than laptop computers.

10. Keep Your Windows 10 Drivers Updated for Improved Gaming Performance

The centerpiece of your Computer Gaming Mode experience is the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit). The most recent Windows driver is necessary for the GPU to continue operating quicker and more effectively.

Every graphics card, regardless of age or generation, benefits from regularly updated drivers.

To verify the name and specifications of your GPU Gaming Mode:

  1. Right-click Desktop
  2. Choose Advanced display options from the Display menu.
  3. Locate the Display adapter properties at the bottom.

Under Properties > Driver > Update Driver in this box, you may obtain driver updates. Instead, you may check the driver’s status on the manufacturer’s website.

Manufacturers frequently provide free gaming and driver update programs that keep your drivers current automatically. It is strongly advised that you install your motherboard’s chipset and LAN drivers as well for optimum performance. This makes sense because these are essential for optimum game performance.

To verify chipset drivers Gaming Mode, use Windows PowerShell (right-click Start to locate it) and type the following commands:

wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber

The command prompt will display the name of your motherboard’s manufacturer and model.

To find your drivers online, enter the name of your manufacturer and product. The manufacturer’s website’s Support page should provide the essential software.

For the best internet connection, you will also locate your onboard LAN drivers among the chipset drivers.

11. Install DirectX 12 to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

A crucial component of Windows 10 gaming is the use of DirectX 12, the most recent version of Microsoft’s well-known Gaming Mode API.

It offers faster frame rates, lower power consumption, greater graphics effects, and support for multiple GPU and CPU cores.

To see if you have DirectX’s most recent version:

  1. Activate Windows PowerShell
  2. Type dxdiag
  3. Tap Enter

You’ll see the DirectX Diagnostic Tool shortly after that.

Not installed is DirectX 12? If you have updated from Windows 8.1, there is a slight possibility that this will occur. Correct this by:

  1. With the Windows key and I, open Settings.
  2. Choose Security and updates.
  3. Choose “Check for updates” under Windows Update.

I’m done now. Hold off until the update installation is finished. On Windows 10, DirectX12 will automatically optimize a number of Gaming Mode settings.

Now You Know How to Optimize Your PC for Gaming

For the contemporary gamer, Windows 10 has been an enormously legitimate thrill. With a massive game library, Xbox One compatibility, and apps made expressly for Gaming Mode, it’s obvious Windows 10 has always had a special place in the hearts of gamers. Yet nothing is flawless. And for that reason, Microsoft developed Windows 11, a major upgrade for PC gamers everywhere.

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