How to Use Telegram on a PC or Mac: A Quick Guide Hack 2023

Telegram is a computer-based messaging app. Here’s the procedure. Although while most people use it on their phones, you can also use Telegram on your computer. It’s practical, and the process is rather straightforward. Whether you’re using a Mac or PC.

We’ll teach you how to install Teligram so you can send and receive messages from inside the app.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Using Teligram Online on Your Computer

Telegram Web is a desktop browser software that works similarly to WhatsApp Web. It’s a handy tool for controlling your Teligram conversations on all of your gadgets. Simple instructions allow its usage on either a PC or a Mac. Here’s the procedure.

  • Launch a web browser on your Mac or PC and go to
  • You may enter your phone number or scan a QR code to sign in on the Teligram website.
  • Open Telegram on your phone if you want to use a QR code to sign in. Next, choose Devices from the Settings menu. Use the back camera to scan the QR code shown on the Teligram Web page after selecting Connect Desktop Device. After entering your password, Teligram Web will be accessible on your web browser.

Access through mobile phone number requires selecting your country and entering your mobile number. After that, a code will be provided to your Teligram app. Sometimes, a password is required. Once you’ve finished, choose the Next button. The web version of Teligram offers virtually all the functionality of the mobile app. You may use Teligram online without installing the desktop client by going to Telegram’s website.

Telegram Online is only accessible to those who already have a Teligram account and have the mobile app installed on a compatible device. The web app does not support the creation of new Teligram accounts.

Using the Windows Version of Teligram

Consider downloading the Telegram Desktop client instead of using the browser app if you’d rather work with standalone software. You need to have Teligram installed on your phone in order to use Teligram Desktop on your computer.

  • To get started with Telegram Desktop, do the following:
  • After downloading Teligram from the Microsoft Store, run the app and choose Start Messaging.
  • If you open the Telegram app on your mobile device, go to the Settings menu, choose Devices, and then tap Connect Desktop Device, you will see the Scan From Mobile Telegram option. To sign in, you may either use your email address or phone number.
  • Then, type in the code you received over Teligram, and then enter your usual password.
  • Check out our post on the top Telegram client applications for Windows PC if you’re a Windows PC user in need of customization options for the Telegram programme.
  • Here’s how to install Teligram Desktop on a Mac:
  • Launch Telegram Desktop after downloading it from the App Store.
  • Stick to the on-screen prompts. They ought to match the ones you use to sign in to WhatsApp on the web.
  • You should now have a synchronized Telegram account across all of your devices. Then you’ll be able to use the helpful tools that Teligram offers, such as the bots that may increase your efficiency.
  • Desktop versions of Telegram are available for both Windows and Mac here (Free)
  • Replace your current messaging service with Teligram.
  • Telegram may not be the most popular messaging app, but its users are passionate about the software because of its many unique features. It’s on par with, if not superior than, WhatsApp.
  • If you aren’t currently using Teligram, you should think about switching to it and making it your primary chat app. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that its membership is growing. There’s no reason not to join them, right?

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