6 Best Marketing AI Tools to Revolutionize Your Business

6 Best Marketing AI Tools to Revolutionize Your Business. The Power of Automation in Marketing Marketing can be a challenging task that requires specialist knowledge and can be time-consuming. Just when you think you have a handle on Facebook ads, email lists, and lead generation, everything changes. The emergence of AI has completely revolutionized the marketing landscape, and failing to keep up can leave you behind. As a marketer, I have always been a fan of automating processes wherever possible.

A decade ago, I used a product called Tweet Adder, which was the first form of marketing automation. It allowed me to schedule tweets, automate replies, and manage my Twitter follows and unfollow. While it may not seem revolutionary now, at the time, it saved me hundreds of hours and helped me launch a seven-figure business. Today, AI is the equivalent of that, and in this blog, I will share the six best marketing AI tools I have found to help you keep up and grow your business.

1. Merlin

If you’re struggling to come up with catchy headlines or marketing prompts, Merlin can be a game-changer. Simply visit the Merlin website and use the provided prompts to generate catchy headlines for YouTube videos, email marketing, social media copywriting, and more. You can even use Merlin to generate automated responses for emails or to summarize YouTube videos, allowing you to skip to the most relevant parts. Merlin has become a staple in my marketing toolkit, saving me time and boosting my productivity.

2. Brand Mark

Creating logos can often be a time-consuming and procrastination-inducing task. Brand Mark eliminates this problem by automatically generating logos for you. Simply enter your brand name, slogan, and some keyword ideas, and Brand Mark will generate a variety of logo options for you to choose from. You can also edit the logos to suit your preferences, making the logo creation process fast and hassle-free.

3. Tapio

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for marketing, but it can also be time-consuming to effectively leverage its potential. Tapio simplifies LinkedIn marketing by automating content creation, post scheduling, relationship building through automated direct messages, and outreach. By utilizing AI, Tapio streamlines LinkedIn marketing tasks, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while still reaping the benefits of this underutilized platform.


4. Behuman

Personalization is key to increasing conversions, and Behuman helps you achieve just that. With Behuman, you can create personalized videos for each customer by automatically replacing their names in the video. This level of personalization boosts customer satisfaction and significantly improves your conversion rates. Whether it’s a welcome video or a personalized message, Behuman enhances your marketing efforts by making them more tailored to each individual.

5. ADD Creative.ai


Creating effective Facebook advertisements can be a time-consuming process, often requiring extensive creative work. ADD Creative.ai simplifies this process by automatically generating various ad options for you. By providing a headline and a few keywords about your business, ADD Creative.ai can generate hundreds of ads in just a few minutes. You can then select your favorite options, saving you time and effort in creating impactful Facebook ads.

6. Go Holler.ai

Gathering customer feedback is crucial for improving your service and growing your business. However, the process can be time-consuming and challenging. Go Holler.ai takes care of this by automating the creation of customer feedback surveys. It asks the right questions, collects the necessary information, and summarizes the data for you. This allows you to gain valuable insights from your customers without dedicating extensive time and effort.

In Conclusion

AI has completely transformed the marketing landscape, and leveraging its power can propel your business forward. From generating catchy headlines and logos to automating LinkedIn marketing and creating personalized videos, these six AI tools offer incredible benefits for marketers. By incorporating these tools into your marketing strategy, you can save time, improve efficiency, and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the power of AI in your marketing efforts to ensure your business thrives in today’s digital landscape.

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